I grew up on a farm in country Victoria, Australia, with four sisters also into art, lots of dogs, cats and parents who encouraged our artistic endeavours. I don’t remember a time that didn’t involve art and lots of drawings of animals, people and nature. Not a lot has changed, these are still my favourite subjects. I enjoy working in different mediums as the inherent nature of each medium gives a totally different feeling to the subject. I chose printmaking when doing my BA of Fine Art at Victoria College in Melbourne and I've recently returned to that medium, specifically linoprints. I love the bold graphic effect and especially the surprise element that is uncovered when printing linocuts.

I love observing and capturing the character of animals. My animals have always been the subjects for many drawings, paintings and anthropomorphic interpretations over the years but observation of animals in general is a favourite occupation as they are so guileless.  


I hope my work captures the character and quirks as well as the soulfulness and essence of animals and natural beauty that I am so grateful to be surrounded by and inspired with.



© 2020 Carolyn Vickers

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