Local Artists

Discover Local Artists

IF you are interested in discovering new art by local artists in the area, have at look at Wonga Press. I am dedicated to bringing my unique art style to customers who would like something special to highlight their favourite spaces or bring joy to people in their lives. If you are looking for something eye catching and unique, don't hesitate to stop by and browse the shop section to discover great deals and authentic works of art. My specialty is linoprints but I also enjoy creating in other mediums. To discover the art I have to offer currently, please stop by. Don't forget to check back often as I will be adding new pieces and often pieces with very small editions.

If you want to find original prints locally, you can find it on Wonga Press. I have an online gallery that features a selection of original art. If you are looking for something special for your home or office, you will love the items you will find on the website. I have a wide variety of options to choose from; many would look incredible with a wide variety of interior designs. To see some examples or to view the items I currently have for sale, please visit Wonga Press. If you have any questions about my art or upcoming additions, you can send a message via the contact information located on the page. Get something special for yourself or someone who appreciates art today and enjoy it for years to come.